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Warmest welcome to you all on our page. We believe that challenges are a part of our life and everyone should welcome the challenges as there is an opportunity in every situation, in order to grow and learn new things in life. On our financial landing page I welcome the folks who believe in themselves and in their dream and to those who are interested in joining us in our journey. 

We are seeking candidates who are interested in starting their writing career and those having good writing skills. We will be happy to make them a part of our dream team. We are seeking candidates who are interested in contributing in writing financial content. The content should be engaging, unique , interesting and most importantly the content should be informative. 

Our Vision

Since, financial blogs are the leading and most liked blogs in our country and other foriegn countries we aim to establish ourselves in this area. We, along with you, are seeking to create informative blogs based on finance. We assure a good working environment. 

We are creating a platform where the newcomers can come and show their writing talent, gain experience 

and can establish themselves as a good writer. 

Since a certificate plays a very important role and is the proof of your experience and work, we assure you to provide a certificate of experience after the completion of your work.  

Our Need

  • We are in need of writers who are willing to gain experience rather than being centered on earning money. 
  • The article which you are writing should be based on the given topic and it should not run out of content. 
  • The content should be based on personal finance, insurance, tax, ideas based on investment, banking, net banking, income tax, credit card, insurance, mutual fund etc. 
  • Before you apply or ping us regarding “Write for us”  make sure to go through the guidelines given by us and then only contact us. 
  • Content should be appealing enough to attract the readers and they become capable of taking the right decision about the financial products. 
  • We will not compromise on the content of the article, so you should write it in an impressive way and the feed should be real based on facts. 

Guidelines Regarding the Content 

If you are planning to write the financial content for us then you should keep the following guidelines in your mind- 

  1.  In starting we will not pay for the content but gradually we will make sure you will get your pay as per your performance.
  1. The article should be under 700-800 words.
  1. There should not be a copy write issue.
  1. Article should be plagiarism free.
  1. No rephrase tools should be used while writing the content.
  1. If any plagiarism is found the article will be rejected automatically.
  1. Topics will be given by us.
  1. Article should be given in the given time period. 
  1. You can choose your working hours according to yourself.
  1. There should not be any grammatical mistakes.

Important Things to Remember

  • Once you will finish writing articles you can share with us on social media platforms and after reviewing the article we will upload it on our page. 
  • In case you have any questions regarding the content or the topics, you can directly mail us on the given email id. 
  • You can directly apply for the content writing post by sending your resume in our mail, i e., [email protected]
  • We assure you to reply as soon as possible once the review of the application is completed. 
  • It can be a bit late in replying to your mails as we have to go through a number of mails, so do not panic in such a situation.
  • Wait for the reply from our side and kindly do not ping us for the same  queries several times.
  • The articles will be published on our website only if you follow the given guidelines properly. 
  • You cannot give the same  article to the other websites, which has already been published on our page. 

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Thank You! 

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