Freight Broker Profits Review

Freight Broker Profits Review

Freight Brokerage can become a thriving business after knowing the strategies and implementing them at the correct means. The demand for freight agents and brokers is increasing every day because several companies are looking forward to broadening their shipping and supply chain market affordably and efficiently.

If you are new here or in the world of freight brokerage, and a freight broker’s profit percent has motivated you to start such business, we ensure you get the guidelines right, because we know the right path.

How do freight brokers work?

The term ‘broker’ refers to any intermediary that works between buyers or, service takers and sellers or, service providers negotiating and controlling the entire process of a transaction between the parties against a commission or, fee.

So, freight brokers are firms or, individuals who work as an intermediary between shippers having freights to transport and the carriers having logistics to move those cargoes. In simple words, freight brokers arrange for a carrier to haul a shipment at a lower price than that the shipper agrees to pay. The difference between the two amounts is the profit or, commission of the freight broker. These brokers are also known as transport brokers, truck brokers, or, load brokers as well. The commission charged by them varies between 10%-35% depending on the client and the freight. 

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Growth in the freight brokerage industry

The freight brokerage market is globally expanding at 4.19% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) for the last 4 years according to the report generated by Cision PR Newswire. The increasing demands of freight transportation in various industries are raising the demand for freight brokers. The construction industry heavily depends on freight transportations as most projects are off-site. Besides, the energy, infrastructure, and real estate industries require construction equipment too and thus raising the demand for freight brokers as well. As a combined result, it is considered that more than 45% of the overall revenue of the construction equipment industry is generated by carriers. 

It is estimated by Business Wire in their report, that the freight brokerage market shall have a growth of 4.33% CRAG in the United States of America during 2018-22. An increase in import and export business shall cause this smooth growth due to the economic development during this tenure. Besides, there is an ever-growing demand for third-party logistics (3PL services) in South America. As a result, renowned countries in that region like Brazil and Argentina are having continuous growth in their logistics infrastructure. This will boost the 3PL services in these countries assisted by cost savings and other outsourcing benefits like operational efficiency.

It is estimated by Markets & Markets in their report, that the freight brokerage market shall have a growth of 3% CRAG in Europe during 2017-21.

Transparency Market Research shows in their report that the global digital freight brokerage market worth is estimated to have a whopping hike of 61.7% CAGR from US$144.5 million in 2016 to US$10,964.3 million by 2025. The report says the key markets are going to be North America, South America, the Asia Pacific region, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. However, it is estimated that the present trend of North America dominating all other regions as per the total revenue generated shall remain the same in 2025 as well. It is forecasted that North America will generate nearly US$4.03 billion in revenue in the digital freight brokerage business by 2025.  

If the above facts and figures are enough to make you feel interested in this business and you had no previous idea about freight brokers then you are at the right place. Even, the creator of freightbrokerbootcamp and the owner of Logistic Dynamics Inc. (LDi), Dennis Brown was in the same boat as you. Today Logistic Dynamics Inc. is one of the fastest-growing transport providers in North America.

If you want to enter this lucrative business then first you need to be clear why do you want so and how online training on freight broking like freightbrokerbootcamp can help you to start a successful career as a freight broker.

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Is it worth becoming a freight broker?

Well, it is essential to know before entering any business about the benefits it offers. It helps you to understand the worth and potential of that business and accordingly, you can decide. If you want to become an online freight broker then you can expect the following,

  • You need not have any previous experience to become an online freight broker.
  • You can be an effective part of a growing industry worth US$400 billion.
  • You can enjoy a full work-from-home facility.
  • The start-up cost is comparatively low as compared to other online businesses.
  • There is an opportunity for huge income.
  • You need to recruit employees to run this online business.
  • You can do this business anywhere internationally.
  • This business only asks for a smart phone and reliable & steady internet connection.
  • The business provides you the flexibility of relocation.
  • Overall operations are easy.

As mentioned above, you need not possess any previous experience but it is essential to have online training on freight broking to understand the basics of the business. Here comes freightbrokerbootcamp into the picture that provides one of the best online training on this domain.

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Learnings offered by Freightbrokerbootcamp 

  • You will learn about the role of a freight broker or, an agent in this online course. Accordingly, you can choose your role to become.
  • The course will teach you how to lower start-up costs by eliminating unnecessary initial expenditures.
  • They will guide you to quickly set up an effective home office at the minimum cost.
  • You will learn to apply for a freight broker license.
  • You will learn how to achieve freight broker trust or, bond.
  • You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of factoring invoices.
  • The course will provide you the essential tools you need to operate as a successful agent or, broker.
  • You will learn to find and contact the consigners or, shippers.
  • You will learn to find carriers.
  • The online course will teach you the methods of negotiation and making contracts with the carriers.
  • You will learn to navigate your own and your customer’s business credits.
  • You will learn to differentiate between double brokering and co-brokering.
  • The course will teach you to dispatch and track the freight properly.
  • You will learn the effective use of loan boards.
  • The online course will teach you easy methods to accurately understand the rates in all the lanes.
  • You will learn effective negotiating and selling strategies.
  • You can gradually learn the techniques of entering niche markets. 
  • You will learn the specific shipping rules for the Department of Defence.
  • You will learn to earn more by expanding your network of independent agents.
  • The course will provide you proven case studies to become quickly successful and start making profits.

 So, if you are planning to become a freight broker join this online training offered by freightbrokerbootcamp and become a member to avail of all the benefits.

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Benefits offered to members only

  • Internet-based convenient access allows you to log in at anytime from anywhere. 
  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • You need not perform any confusing downloads.
  • You need not install and update any complex software.
  • Organised training articles are provided for freight agents and freight brokers to avail of DIY learning.
  • Audio-visual study materials are provided for ease of understanding the key points. This reduces the effort needed to understand them solely by reading.
  • Graphical representation of workflow diagrams helps you to facilitate comprehension.
  • Spontaneous financial strategies are provided to make a profit by utilising the competence of other’s money.
  • They provide a road map named “Jumpstart expense and decision matrix” to eradicate guesswork from this start-up business. 
  • Easy downloadable agreements and forms in MS Word and PDF format from the member’s area.

Besides, if you are sign-up today then you can avail yourself of some add-on benefits offered by freightbrokerbootcamp as 7 bonuses worth more than $2000 as described below.

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Join today to avail of the 7 bonuses

Assured money-back 

Suppose you join the online training program of freightbrokerbootcamp and did not like the training program within the first two months or, say you could not cope up with the subject itself from the very beginning. You need not worry as freightbrokerbootcamp offers you a 60-days money-back guarantee with no questions asked. They ensure a hassle-free money-back process. In case you want to quit they gift you the e-book “Think and grow rich” as a way of thanksgiving for putting in your effort and trying their online training program.

Things not covered by the online training program

  • The online training program does not provide a 100% guarantee that it will suit you.
  • You need to implement your learning in reality to become a successful freight broker.
  • This is an online training program and hence requires a stable internet connection.
  • The training appears to be too easy to believe it works actually.

So, if you are still interested to try the path of becoming a freight broker then you can take the membership without any hesitation today. Your money won’t be at risk as they offer a 60-days money-back guarantee. Besides, the course is priced at an affordable value of $187 for a whole year of membership.

Freight Broker Profits Review
Freight Broker Profits Review

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