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The word ‘Forex’ stands for foreign exchange. Forex is the process of changing currency. One national currency is changed to another in this process mainly for prime reasons like trading, business, commerce, tourism, and travel, etc. The platforms where these exchanges take place are known as foreign exchange markets. It means it is a market where the commodity is the currency itself that gets traded.

There is a huge sum to be made through Forex Trading only with a strong internet connection and a laptop. The low capital investment can multiply fat returns if one has the adequate trading knowledge, and dedication to keep it going. 

As a full-time trader or a part-time sailor, Forex Trading is a great opportunity for investors to live in profits. And the best part is, professional Forex Traders are conducting Forex trading courses on several online platforms to promote easy access to the trading strategies. 

A high-quality Forex training course is created with professional traders’ experience, knowledge and offers a typical membership plan on several trading forums. These courses are usually tutor-led with online video lectures, trading simulators, seminars, assignments, and discussion rooms with mentors. When students are confident about their training, it is time for real trading!

In today’s article, let’s pen down the best Forex trading course of 2021 comparing features, costs, support, and mentor support. 

How forex trading makes a profit and what do beginners need to follow?

The unique and interesting aspect of the international foreign exchange market is, it is a decentralised market. Hence it is not regularised, guided or, controlled by any centralised authority. There is no single central marketplace where currency trading takes place, rather it is a worldwide open market and entire currency trading takes place electronically via the internet. The trading is conducted between traders throughout the world Over The Counter (OTC) i.e. by using the virtue of the internet through computers. A trader can make profits through forex trading by the differences of interest rates between two separate currencies due to the different economies around the world. The investor or, the trader can buy a currency with a higher interest rate and can make a profit by shorting the same with a cheaper interest rate.

It may sound like an easy task to perform and make money with forex trading but the truth is way different from that. With so many foreign currencies enlisted in the foreign exchange market having continuous fluctuations in their prices day in and day out, it is a cumbersome job for any trader to choose the right pair of currency and appropriate time of investment. A beginner needs to gather knowledge about forex trading and needs to learn the process to be successful.  

If you are a starter planning to invest in forex trading, it is better to join one of the best forex trading courses discussed below, 

Forex Signals

If you are a beginner with a strong determination to understand the fundamental analysis of forex and make a full-time successful career in forex trading then you must join this forex trading course having the most 5-star reviews on the internet. The “Trade Room” feature provided by Forex Signals is one of its kinds.

You can get the benefits of the following key features offered by Forex Signals,

  • You can avail of detailed market review and analysis by mentors having long-term experiences in the domain of foreign exchange trade.
  • You can watch and join live reviews on trending foreign exchange pairs.
  • You can share and exchange ideas and views with other traders using the Trading Room feature provided by Forex Signals.
  • You get an opportunity to groom as a seasoned trader by taking expert advice from a mentor and by using the enormous network of more than 83K online traders.
  • It allows you to avail the benefits for free for a 7-day trial period.


  • Detailed study material
  • Comprehensive education course
  • Access to live trading rooms, proprietary trading tools, and mentors 
  • Discount on substantial membership of annual payment
  • Seven-day refund policy and free seven day trial period


  • The course aims to educate beginners and intermediate trades


Udemy is a social network for sincere students and professionals. Basic beginners subject to a professional course, Udemy never fails to liberate us with their video lectures. The platform promotes trending courses from reputed universities, lecturers, and teachers, at affordable pricing.

At present times, Udemy is the leading global platform for online courses. They have a wide range of topics for beginners to expert level forex traders, at minimum to low-cost courses. Courses on fundamental analysis forex are very beneficial if you are willing to kickstart a career in Forex Trading.


  • Low cost
  • Detailed course
  • Wide range of course selection
  • Best tutors


  • No coaching
  • No chat room
  • Zero Practical sessions

Traders Academy Club

If you are searching for a professional Forex trading course at affordable pricing, sign in to Traders Academy Club without a second thought. It provides all sorts of professional courses on forex trading that will take you to the next level at decent annual pricing.

At Traders Academy Club, students get access to a media zone comprising recorded simulators, live webinars, and idea consultation! 


  • Efficient training at the entry-level of trading experience
  • Great educational resources
  • Active and spacious chat rooms
  • Free training courses
  • Access to real-time trading simulator


  • The yearly subscription falls on the expensive side of the spectrum
  • Negative

Asia Forex Mentor

The founders of Asia Forex Mentor create plenty of bold claims on their website. Their program includes 26 full-scale lessons covering more than 60 sub-topic, and great video calling. 

The most interesting part of the Asia Forex Mentor is having a world-famous person as the full-time mentor. Ezekiel Chew hand picks the most effective examples to give a clear picture about complex to complex trading problems.  


  • In-depth study
  • Comprehensive guidance to gear up forex trading 
  • Study quality video
  • Free sessions up to five


  • The educational course does not have a monthly payment

FX Academy

Are you looking for a website absolutely free with authentic content, promising knowledge and professional mentorship for Forex Signals? With FX Academy, you can get started with your free forex trade learning journey from the best educators across the world. 

FX Academy serves as one of the best free online academies for Forex and other trading-related courses. This educational website provides beginners guide to Forex trading also talks about the other types of trading, data analysis, and risk management methods. 

  • The website is ruled by four intelligent analysts from Forex trade. For every course, they conduct tutorial video lessons along with interactive quizzes. 


  • Plenty of courses for beginners to experts
  • Professional guidance
  • All the courses are completely free


  • 1:1 classes are not entertained

Six-Figure Capital

Six-Figure Capital provides a 14-day course pack opportunity to intermediate traders looking forward to immersing themselves in learning the trade basics. The experts add a lot of information into their course curriculum especially for those who want to accelerate their career graph within a short span. 

Slack is one of the top-most features of Six Figure Capital. By introducing slack, they are keeping the software more productive and organized for every student. If you are looking for a short and crisp forex trade plan, Six Figure Capital is worth it. 


  • Two-week free course with stunning forex trade strategies
  • Live trading sessions
  • Active community room for discussion
  • No fees for the membership


The two-week program can become hectic and overloading

Thomas Kralow

This forex trading course is ideally designed for personal tuition and it is offered by Thomas Kralow. He is an experienced and seasoned investor for more than the past 7 years and made a huge amount of verified and authenticated net profits of more than 9 million USD through forex trading. He has designed a detailed forex course for beginners consisting of video tutorials and interactive tasks followed by a final exam. The course claims to have university-grade learning in forex training. The course provides a diploma certificate with lifetime guidance from the team and helping hands from the huge alumni network.

eToro Trading School

This one-day course offered by e-Toro Trading School is considered to be one of the best forex training courses available in the market. Though it covers forex but also gives an overview of stock market investing and crypto currencies as well. If you are a beginner you can get exposure to all of them and learn the basics of financial markets. You will get an idea about the fundamentals of trading. The training is provided by Henry Ward, who has more than ten years of experience in professional trading.

This course has a unique feature of introducing the learner to famous trading personalities. This can help you to scale your nature as a trader and determine the utmost style of trading suitable for you.  

Asia Forex Mentor

Truly speaking this is not a perfect beginner’s course but surely one of the best forex training courses to choose from when you are a bit experienced. This course is named  “One Core Program” designed by the owner of Asia Forex Mentor, Ezekiel Chew. 

He is one of the top traders in the world having huge years of experience. He is often invited as a speaker in significant financial events. 

The “One Core Program” designed by him offers the following,

  • The unique way to read charts is by combining price action and other deciding factors.
  • The specially designed 16 strategies with a high win rate that work on every market movement. 
  • The popular “Road to million” formula for traders.
  • The business and logic behind trading, methods of trade management, point calculation method, etc.

Forex Mentor

If you are a beginner and not much sure about getting into forex trading then this forex trading course is ideally designed for you by the well-known trader and investor Peter Bain. More than 27K traders got benefited from this forex course to date.

As a beginner, you can take the CCStarter pack for free to learn the basic patterns and simple market analysis. 

If you got the interest then you can join the S123 paid plan to learn the three simple steps of forex trading designed purely on the basis of Fibonacci Numbers and mathematical waves. There are offers available most of the time if you join the paid plan. This is undoubtedly one of the most effective and cheap forex training courses to choose from on the internet.

Henyep was established in Hong Kong as a metal (silver and gold) trader in the year of 1972. Their online forex trading platform is comparatively a new venture started in 2007.

They offer a user-friendly forex course for beginners with a self-paced learning facility. The modules are designed to be understood by a novice even.


Henyep Investments, UK is and licensed and regulated by the FCA. You can perform trading across 140 countries by using their trading platform. As they provide protections for negative balance hence considered to be a trusted and safe platform to use.

They offer three different types of trading accounts named Fixed Account, Classic Account, and Raw Account depending on the expertise and level of investment of the trader. 

The Fixed Account offers a permanent spread starting from 1.8 pips with zero commission. Well, the Classic Account offers fluctuating spread starting from 1.2 pips with zero commission but allows using the software (EA). The Raw Account offers a variable spread starting from 0.2 pips but charges a 4 USD commission fee per round of investment, and allows using the software (EA).

You can choose any of the above courses as per your requirement.


Forex Trading business is thriving nowadays. By signing in to the best courses, you can get a fair chance to broaden your income by spending little amount on membership. Among this entire forex courseForex Signals is one of the best bets, to begin with, forex trading. They have the best educators in the world with a very active community, with modestly priced authentic study material, and highly regarded!

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